Transmission Reseal

Transmission Reseal

 Since I was still working under the Freedom Bird.  I needed to reseal the transmission.  It was coated in RTV just like the engine was.

Dirty oil

Dirty Filter
The transmission fluid is dark.  That usually means that it has gotten too hot.  The filter had some metal on it.  This was probably the first oil change since the transmission was installed 10,000 miles ago.  This Oil Pan is designed  to help in cooling.  The amount of heat produced under this engine would mean that most of the air going through these tubes would be warm.  The RTV here is blue instead of red.  I liked this pan.  The old owner had changed two transmissions in this Motorhome and was trying to keep it cool.
I thought that in case anyone was interested, this is the name of the pan.

Sensor Sensor
The old owner had also installed a  temperature sensor in the transmission pan.  It was a great addition in that you can drain most of the transmission fluid before pulling the pan.  Just to show that I am not against RTV altogether.  I used it on the threads of the sensor.

Cleaning Pan  Cleaned Pan
I thoroughly cleaned the pan inside and out. 

Ready to Install
The pan is clean and ready to install.  I use sandpaper to clean the sealing surfaces on the transmission and pan.  I install the gasket dry.  The reseal is complete.


Things look better now that everything is clean and dry.  I hate oil leaks