Timing Chain

Timing Chain

I decided that the best thing to do was just go ahead and replace the timing chain.  I still could not believe that at 10,000 miles, it was already worn.
Dampner Puller
I pulled the Vibration Dampner first.
Timing Mark
I tried to line up the timing marks before I pulled the chain and gears off.  The lower sprocket looked like it didn't have a mark.
Timing Mark
I found the other timing mark on the back side of the crank gear after I removed it.

Timing Mark
I installed the new sprockets and chain with the timing mark lined up.  I noticed that the parts manual showed a slinger ring. that was missing.
I searched for information and found this.

The oil slinger is a cheap and simple but important part that helps to keep excessive oil away from the timing cover seal, and helps to force extra oil into the timing chain. Every original factory engine we have seen has one of these installed. It simply slides over the crank snout before the timing cover is installed. The most common mistake is to install these backwards. The correct way is to install them facing out, so that the raised outer edge is towards the front of the engine, and the inner bevel faces the block.




protects front seal from excessive oil contact.forces oil into chain.





Oil Slinger
I went to the parts store to find one, but ended up going to a Dodge Dealer.  They have a lot of them available.  It costs about $8.00.  I bought two.  I wanted an extra one to show disbelievers that there is such a part.
I then decided to clean up the timing marks because when we tried to time it after the tune-up, we could not see any of the marks.

Dirty Parts Cleaned Mark

I cleaned and sanded the mark on the cover.  I wanted to be able to see the mark.

Visible Mark
I made my paint line on the 8 degrees before top dead center mark just like the manual calls for.
Torque Convertor Mark  Sloppy Mark
I also marked the line on the Torque Convertor, It did not come out so good because I had trouble reaching it with the paint brush.
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