Oil Leaks

Oil Leaks

Oil Pan
The oil  pan was leaking very bad.  Even though RTV has it's uses, I have never liked using it like this.  The oil will eventually soften it up and it will not seal anymore.  The valve covers were the same as this mess on the oil pan.
Clogged Screen
They had so much RTV that it was in the oil pump screen.

Oil Temp Sensor

I cleaned and repainted the oil pan.  The restorer installed a temperture sensor.  I like it.  It's kind of neat to know what the oil temperture is.  I also reached up and cheked the timing chain because we suspected it might be worn.

Worn Timing Chain
You can see the slop in the chain on the right side of this picture.

New Gasket

I install a new gasket and move on to the Timing Chain.