Tune-up Time


When I left the house and went to the lake, the Freedom Bird would bog down everytime I tried to accelerate.  I didn't know what was wrong.  I thought that a tune-up was the first thing to try.
washered Plug
I was surprised that when I pulled the plugs that I found this plug installed.  When I went to NAPA.  They gave me the same plug.  I was confused.  Shaggy took a tapered seat plug and the shop manual said that it took a tapered seat plug.  How was it This 440 had a washered plug?
The first thing I did was check the spark plug hole.

Spark Plug Hole
There was no Taper.
Tapered Hole

I pulled a plug on Shaggy and checked.  It had a tapered hole.  I decided that I would install the plus with the washer.  During this tume up, I checked the Distributer.  It had a lot of play that I was going to assume was the cause of the bogging.  I was surprised that it didn't backfire because there was so much play.

I guess the best thing to do is replace the plugs with what comes out.  The parts store did give me the correct ones.
Just after posting this page, I found my Engine Casting Number and Identification Guide.

Flat Spark Plug
As you can see in this chart, you could end up with either a tapered plug hole or a flat Spark Plug.  Shaggy is tapered and The Freedom Bird is Flat.   I guess it helps with cooling.