The Brake Problem Solution

My Solution to The Brake Problem

 I don't know if this was a real problem or not.  If I could not move the brake pads, as far as I was concerned, It was a problem.  If the pads would not float when they were cold, how were they going to float when they were hot?

This is what I found.  The Freedom Bird had a Steer Safe Steering Stabilizer installed.  Step 3 of The Instruction Sheet says to remove the bottom 3/8th bolt from the front end of the brake assembly.  This is the bolt that holds the spring clip for the brake pads.  Step 5 tells you to use the longer one inch bolt and to reinstall the brake clips.  That should be okay.  All you have done is bolt the Steering Stabilizer bracket on top of the clip.  This sounds as though everything should work as normal.  I removed that bracket from the clip and bolted the clip without the bracket with the regular size bolt and my brake pads floated like they should.
Steering Stabalizer

Front BracketFront Bracket

You can see in these pictures how the bracket takes away the spring effect of the caliper brake pad clip.

Steering Stabalizer
This is the assembly before I removed it.  The stabilizer did a good job because after I removed it, I discovered I had play in the steering.  A problem that would be dealt with next.