Brakes Not Right

Brakes Not Right

Whenever I would put the brakes on, there was a lot of vibration.  I thought that I would jack up one of the front wheels and see if the king pins were bad.  Sure enough, there was a lot of play.  But, while I was down there shaking the wheel, I could see through the wheel liner that the brake pads had been changed without turning the scarred rotors.

Scarred Rotor Cracked Pads
The pictures show that the scars were wearing out the pads very fast.  It looked to me like they had been very hot before.
Grease DirtyBad Caliper
The grease was laying in the bottom of the hub.  It looked like a good time to repack the bearings.  I thought the heat might have been breaking down the grease.  The rubber seals on the calibers were worn.  I decided to put in new bearings and calipers.

New caliberInstalling New Bearings

The new calipers look good.  I put the rotor on the tailgate of my truck to pack and install the new bearings.
Complete Installation

I installed the rotor and new caliper.  Things looked good except that when you tried to move the pads to make sure they were floating.  They would not move.  No wonder everything got hot.  I wondered what was wrong.  I knew that this condition was not correct.