Spring work continues

Spring work continues

 Once I got the water leaks fixed, it was time to see if the water system worked okay.  The water faucets started out working okay, but then the water flow slowed down to a trickle and completely in the kitchen sink.  I was at the Glass Rally and was losing water pressure in my coach.  I waited till I got back home to troubleshoot the problem further. 

Charcoal Cannister
The white canister on the upper left is a water filter that had a deteriorated charcoal filter in it.  That caused all of the small charcoal pieces to get into the system plugging up all of the fixtures.  I had to replace the kitchen and bathroom faucets.  I was able to clean out the shower fixtures.  The water heater worked okay.  I now had the water system where I could use it boondocking.   I still needed a larger holding tank.

On the back wall, under the sink like the picture shows, you can see that there is a piece of panel removed.  It seems that there was a repair made there.  I would get gas fumes in the motorhome whenever the wind blows.  I removed the gas tank trying to find the source of the fumes.  It wasn't until I had the tank removed that I realized that the fumes were getting into the Motorhome because of the hole in the wall.  The tank was venting naturally.

Removing Gas Tank Dig a hole
There was not enough clearance under the RV to slide the tank out.  The ground was hard, so I used water to soften the earth to make a hole to get the tank out.

Bad Gas Line  Reinstall Tank

I replaced the fuel lines and reinstalled the tank. The best thing that happened in that great amount of work was that I was able to replace the rotting fuel lines.  The weather turned bad and I still have to finish rebuilding under the sink.  After I removed the charcoal filter, I never reinstalled another one.  I normally carry bottled water to drink.