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1973 Archos

This Motorhome, A 1973 Archos, was made in Nappanee, Indiana on Oct 31, 1972.  The company went out of business after making only 50 or so.

1973 Archos

1973 Archos

Yellow Archos     26000 Miles

I thought it was green originally, but under the green I found that it was yellow metalflake like a bass boat.  I would have loved to have seen it when it was new.  This Archos was in great shape.  It only had 29,106 miles on it.    

Archos Drivers Seat
Nice Interior

The Bathroom looked new all except for the leaking window.

Data plate

Things Changed and I decided to sell everything.  I put the Archos up for sale.

For Sale $1500.00  Good Deal

Goodbye Lizard
I almost forgot to get a picture of the Archos leaving.  I had her for two years and never had time to work on it.  You can only drive one Motorhome at a time.  The upkeep for four was just too much.  I didn't know that when I was buying these Dodges.  I was a big dreamer.  I'm happier with just two.

James Gary "Andy" Anderson

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