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1968 Dodge Vagabond

I received this message from the owner of this rare Dodge.  He is looking for any kind of history and information on this rare machine.  If anyone can help in the information search, please  send the info through the contact page.



I really like your website.


Have you ever seen one of these – it is built on a 68 Dodge Motorhome Chassis

Any information you may have would surely be appreciated.


1968 Dodge P300 + 1950 VAGABOND Model 232T

VAGABOND COACH – New Hudson Michigan

Founded in 1931 made their “Model 232” in 1949-1950-1951

1968 Vagabond 



The VAGABOND – Body ID TAG – shows model 232 - serial # of 852350 = 85th unit built … 23 feet long … and it was built in 1950


Numbers on the Dodge Frame are 32-8-1-753202


According to DODGE … This breaks down to:


32=P300 … 8=A-318-3 engine … 1= Warren Truck Plant, Warren MI … sequence # = 753202 Built in late 1967

A lot of the changes that came in 1968 M375 are incorporated into the chassis


157” Wheel Base – Aluminum body brings in weight in at - <6000 lbs

4000 lb Solid I-Beam front axle

10,000 lb – Dana 70 Full Floating anti-slip differential w 4:88.1 gear ratio - 1.5” diameter axles

Anti-sway bars front and rear

Torsion bar on differential

Loadflite 727 3 speed automatic

A-318-3 Full Premium Engine with “Polysphere” combustion chambers with the WIDE BLOCK heads

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