Brown City

Brown City, The Birthplace of the Motorhome.  The current place for the Annual Motorhome Homecoming Rally.  We chose Brown City for the First Annual Brown City Motorhome Homecoming  in 2009 because it was thirty years since Travco sold to Foretravel in Texas.  We only had a few Travcos last year, but we figure if we have a Spring Rally there every year when they have their festival.  It will be easier to plan for.  If Classic Motorhome Rallys develop a greater interest, we can have more in other parts of the country.
Brown City

First two arrivals
The First two arrivals.  Shaggy from Indiana and Black Top Baby A beautiful twelve year restoration from Ohio.  It was a flawless job.  They had all of the restoration pictures with them.   It was perfect.  The interior was nicer than any I have ever seen.

Next Arrivals
The next arrival was this 21 foot shorty also from Ohio.  Both of these wonderful Travcos are powered by newer 360 C.U. engines.  The Shorty has been in that family since it was new.

Parade Line up
There was five of us there.  The blue 1963 came from Georgia.  The Travco on the other end is from Michigan.

Brown city
Here we are downtown for the antique car show.  Shaggy is first in line here because she was the newest.  The older models were in front.  We came through the parade oldest Travco first.  I took this picture.  I did not want to get too far away from Shaggy with all of those people looking at her.

Shaggy won the Trophy.  It was because of the great number of teenage voters at the car show.  They loved the bright colors.   The other restorations were much better quality than Shaggy.   This year, I am taking the Freedom Bird.
I know that in this picture it's hard to see, but this is the Travco getting ready for the Lucy Show.  I met the maintenance man who helped make this shell.  This year, I am going to take my scanner and scan some of the photos from his album to get some better Travco history.  The old factory is still there.  There used to be a landing strip there.  It's all still visible.