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I enjoy going to your website and can see that you have put a lot of effort into it. It is a great resource for people that are interested in vintage motor homes, weather they own one or are thinking of restoring one or just love the history.

I don't know if are aware but I am the owner of two places of business, Soapstone Valley Equipment is a truck and equipment repair shop, with myself and three mechanics since 1994, and next door Classic Motorcars of Ellington, where we have a show room with 20 - 25 antique cars for sale, we also offer repair service and parts for old cars and trucks.

The reason I tell you all this is because after being in the truck and antique car repair bussniess for 35 years, I have a few thoughts I would like to share with people who are thinking of restoring a vintage motor home.

I'm sure you have seen other web sites or blogs about Travcos. Some have done wonderful jobs and inspire the rest of us. Others seem to jump into a total restoration project without sitting down first and counting the cost. I have seen this many times when it comes to old cars.

I tell people the most expensive car (or in this case motor home) is the one you can get for free.

The real cost of a restoration is staggering.

People start with good intensions, tow home an old Travco and rip out the interior, try to get it running, after a while reality sinks in, the list starts getting longer and longer, rust issues, fluid leaks, wood rot, glass, electrical, paint, brakes, tires, exhaust, interior, etc. and all they wanted to do is take a trip in a cool old motor home. Sadly some get frustrated and give up.

I really admire those who stick with it and end up with beautiful rigs even if at a great cost.

I would encourage wannabees to consider buying a vintage coach that has had most of the work done, this has proved over and over to be the most cost effective way to enjoy the hobby.

Good running, driving Travco can be bought for $5,000 - $7500 and is far less than the cost of a restoration.

We that have old vehicles know that there is always things that need attention or find that even a good unit is a continuous work in progress. Or better said, we get to use out rigs and are always tinkering with them too.

It is my hope that someone reading this might give it some thought and that more people would be able to enjoy this great hobby.

Thanks Arlo Hoffman



Manuals also listed here


1979 Parts Cover



 This a link for manuals downloadable on line

ALL SEASONS RV - 10191 Government Way, Hayden, ID 83835; (208) 772-6581. Onan generator manuals. E-mail:

CINNABAR ENGINEERING INC - 116 Orval Street, Sandusky, MI 48471; (800) 720-2227. All original GMC motorhome parts and publications are distributed under license from General Motors Corporation. E-mail:

FAXON AUTO LITERATURE - 3901 Carter Avenue #2, Riverside, CA 92501; (800) 458-2734; fax: (951) 786-4166. We stock class A and C OEM chassis repair manuals & owner's manuals (no body info), paint chips, sales literature.

HELM INC. - (800) 782-4356. Manuals for automobiles, van, trucks and motorhomes.

MCGEE HOLDINGS INC. - 232 Britannia Road W., Goderich, ON, Canada N7A 2B9; (519) 524-5821 (ask for Ken or Sylvia). Huge stock of antique manuals, original auto and truck literature, pre-war from 1902 and post-war to the late 1980s, and brochures for long-obsolete models. Reasonable prices and Visa accepted. Write with specific request and no need to stamp your return envelope.

RVS CORP. - Recreational Vehicle Services, 10900 Monterey Road, Morgan Hill, CA 95037; (800) 821-2266, (408) 779-3173. Large collection of owner's and service manuals for motorhomes pre-1985

14550 Watt Rd,
Novelty, OH 44072
(800) 544-3312, (216) 338-4811
Owner's manuals and shop manuals primarily for 70s Dodge
chassis motorhomes

3901 Carter Avenue,
Riverside, CA 92501
(800) 458-2734, fax (909) 786-4166
Repair manuals, paint chips, owner's manuals

HELM INC (800) 782-4356
Van, truck and motorhome manuals

 Source for tires. TireNET has available 7.50x17 Michelin XCA radials load range D The last time I checked the price was $159.99 INCLUDING delivery. tubes extra. Contact John at TireNET 1-888-261-9566 E-mail Website 3/14/99

 Al Farrell 1971 Winter Haven, FL I own a Travco that has 7-50-17 tube type 5 lug budd wheels which are standard on all Travco motorhomes of that year. I am most fortunate in having a brother who owns a Michlin tire importing business, I asked him if would he stock and sell the Michlin 7-50-17, Michlin tube, and Michlin flaps, which are all radial tubes, tires, and flats; my brother informs me that this tire is very common in Europe and Africa, and for him it is no problem to get them at an extremely discounted price. The 7-50-17 Michlin radial, steel-belted is a much softer riding tire than the 8-19-5. The difference between the 17" and 19.5" is the sidewall ability to absorb bumps. I had both tires on my motorhome and chose to go back to the Michlin 7-50-17 for the superior ride quality. My brother informs me there is no shortage of these tires, tubes, and flaps because they are currently in production; he also informs me he is willing to ship these tires to any Travco owner. You may contact him at Major Tire Company, Cincinnati OH 45246, (513) 771-4273 OR at When calling ask for Bill Jr. and tell them you read this from his brother Al. P.S. The 7-50-17 Michlin costs A LOT less than the 8-19-5, due to the discounts my brother is willing to give. I find no reasons to give up the superior ride and handling of the 7-50-17. I can't give prices, but I can assure my friends who also own Travco's how inexpensive these tires actually are. 11/23/98

 Foretravel in Texas stocks the rubber Windshield gasket and lock bead for Travco's. Part number's are SC1814 for $47.94 and SC1819 for $0.56/ ft. respectfully. UPS is extra. Contact the Parts Dept. @1-800-955-6226 Now if I can just keep from breaking the glass....................

 Windshields for Travco are available new for around $500 each side. Foretravel, Texas (409) 556-8376 D & D Custom, Elkhart Indiana (800) 551-9149 Glass Parts, Portland Oregon (503) 650-9655 Add about $100 for crating and another $100 for shipping. Installation can be very expensive because they have to allow for the possibility of breakage.

 Manuals (Promotional, workshop, etc.

P.J.'s Auto Literature Phone: (319) 345-6760

Bob Johnson (The Auto Lit Man) Phone: (508) 872-9173

 Travco service manuals are available! Call Irv Bishko telephone number (1-800-544-3312). I asked him about a manual for my 1973 Travco (RM400),he said, "No problem ... it is a reprint and we can send it right away,$59.00 plus postage." He said it covers everything. There are 25 chapters and it is about 1 1/4 inches thick. It covers models M-300, M-375, RM-300,RM-350, and RM-400. Although not like the Chiltons that I see for automobiles, it covers quite a bit (the usual engine/trans/cooling/electrical, etc).

The service manual I recently purchased has helped a lot. I even found out what those strange cannisters with the air breather were (brake boosters)! The wiring diagram helped yesterday when the horn began blaring all by itself (a short).Mark York