Steering Gear

Steering Gear Replacement
Pitman Arm Puller
The Pitman arm comes off hard.

Steering gear with bracket
I removed this steering gear along with the bracket because I couldn't get the pitman arm off while it was installed.  I had to replace the steering gear on three of my Dodge Chassis Motorhomes.  The Freedom Bird was leaking.  Shaggy's was popping and locking up.  My 1978 Winnebago had too much play.  I had The Freedom Bird's rebuilt by midwest rebuilders in Illinois. 
Stainless Steel Bolts

I found that  the bolts in the Steering Gear Mounting Bracket that attaches to the frame of my 1974 and 1976 were loose.  There was a recall a long time ago on this problem.  The mounting bracket on my 1978 Winnebago was not loose.  I replaced the original bolts on my two Travcos with 1/2 inch grade eight stainless steel bolts and self locking nuts.  i also found out that the steering gear is a Saginaw and used on some Chevy Trucks.  i don't know what application.