Engine Tidbits

Engine Tidbits

These items were taken out of newsletters.  Some of them may be out of sequence, I was going to make a engine tip book before the clubs folded up.  Maybe you can use some of this stuff.  Click on the picture to enlarge it and right click to "Save picture as" to save it to your picture file where you can make them 8X10 again and put them in order.  It might also make it easie to read.

James Gary "Andy" Anderson

My 1976 Travco 320 was running a little sluggish under load.  A mechanic friend of mine said that I should check the timing chain because a worn chain will make acceleration a little sluggish.  I did not believe him.  This engine only had 10,000 miles on it.  The oil pan was leaking, so when I removed it to reseal it.  I checked the chain.  It was worn.  When I removed the Timing Chain cover, I discovered that the oil slinger was missing.

Oil Slingers


The oil slinger is a cheap and simple but important part that helps to keep excessive oil away from the timing cover seal, and helps to force extra oil into the timing chain. Every original factory engine we have seen has one of these installed. It simply slides over the crank snout before the timing cover is installed. The most common mistake is to install these backwards. The correct way is to install them facing out, so that the raised outer edge is towards the front of the engine, and the inner bevel faces the block



Chrysler Hemi Oil Slinger

Our new oil slinger provides the perfect replacement for this often lost or damaged part. It slides on the crank snout over the timing gear to direct oil away from the front seal and on to the chain and cam sprockets. This action not only helps prevent leaks but also aids in lubricating the chain and gears

 Oil Slinger

D. Oil Slinger
This Oil Slinger protects front seal from excessive oil contact.   Forces lubricant oil into chain.  This Oil Slinger protects front seal from excessive oil contact.   Forces lubricant oil into chain.