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1975 Dodge Daystar
1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar1

1975 Dodge Daystar1

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge Daystar

1975 Dodge DayStar St. Tropez Motorhome * Vintage * Very Rare

Extremely Rare! Only 16 known to have been produced.
This motorhome has style! Brings a smile to everyone who sees her!Starts, drives, and stops.Original price when new: $75,000

Vehicle Identification Number: R50CA4J001175

Body: The Handcrafted Body consists of a heavy gauge steel frame covered with Cor-Ten steel skin. The Coach is mounted on Dodge RM400 Truck Chassis by Chrysler. The bumpers are custom designed and made with 10 gauge stainless steel. Paint is not original.

Engine: 440 cubic inch Chrysler Dodge V8

Transmision: Lodeflite 3-speed Automatic

Engine and transmission coolerFuel tanks: one 45 gallon and one 35 gallon fuel tank for total capacity of 80 gallons with electric fuel pump and electric fuel selector valve for both engine and generator

This motorhome has many neat features!:

1) 35 separate storage compartments. Doors, cabinets, and the high quality dovetail drawers were hand-crafted and carved from aged Burmese teak with camphor wood lining accented by quality brass hardware and fixtures.

2) Dual roof-mounted air conditioners 13,000 BTU each (Frigiking, Mark IV 478)

3) Central built-in vacuum cleaner4) Air horn: roof-mounted for the sound of authority

5) Trunk with torsion bar opening mechanism for golf clubs and skis

Driver’s Compartment:

1) Panoramic tinted glass windshield and large panoramic door windows with electric controls

2) Leather covered Bostrom driver and passenger seats with custom air suspension

3) Power steering with tilt steering wheel4) Cruise Control

4) Central control panel5) Overhead storage compartments

6) Padded leather dash

Galley or Kitchen

1) Hand-crafted teak wood storage cabinets and drawers

2) Onyx countertop with brass fixtures

3) Two full-sized booths made of teak wood with leather upholstery centered around a Carpathian elm burl wood table that converts to a double bed4) Rosewood cutting board

5) Teak folding side table for expanded counter space

6) Double sliding windows and screens7) Range8) Oven9) Refrigerator (Norcold DE-828) with oiled teak door panels

Bathroom and Shower

1) Fixtures and accessories: Soap dishes, toothbrush holder, towel bar, robe hook, and tissue holder are of high quality polished brass finish

3) Onyx vanity top3) Brass fixtures for sink and tub

4) Large teak medicine cabinet

5) Fiberglass shower and king-size tub

6) Aqua Magic toilet with self-cleaning fresh water rinse, push button flush, and foot-lever lift lid

7) Sliding teak door with full-length mirror made of ¼-inch plate glass with beveled edges

8) Two vented skylights: One in sink area with twin power fans and one in shower stall


1) Two power-operated sofas convert to twin beds (2.5 feet x 6.5 feet) or to a king-sized bed (over 5 feet x 7 feet).

2) Teak Dresser has 5 drawers and a Carpathian elm burl wood counter top with rosewood trim

3) Storage in handcrafted cabinets over and under the beds plus extra storage on either side of rear windows

4) Two stereo speakers

5) Panoramic double sliding windows and screens

6) Sunroof: Large square opening with screen for viewing and fresh air (also an emergency exit)7) In hallway, full-size double wardrobe with teak louvred double doors

Electrical6.5 Amp remote controlled Onan generator

Plumbing System

Water tank: 60 gallons polyethylene

Water heater: 10 gallon storage gas fired

Water purifier, Water pump

Waste holding tanks: One waste and one sewage totaling 80 gallon capacity

Instruction manuals included:

Daystar Motor Homes, Inc. Owner’s Manual (Illustrations and Pictures)

Dodge Motor Home Chassis (RM-400) Service Manual

Dodge Motor Home Chassis Operator’s Manual

Norcold Refrigerator (DE-828) Owner’s Manual

Suburban Dyna-Trail Furnace Installation, Operating, and Service Instructions

Air Conditioner Installation Instructions (Mark IV 478)

Aqua Magic (Model CH, Thetford Corp.) Toilet Owner’s Manual

Onan Electric Generating Sets (Series NH) Operator’s Manual and Parts Catalog

Onan 6500 Watt Generator Schematic and Wiring Diagram and Low Voltage Electrical Schematic

Bostrom Air Viking Air Suspension Seat Operating and Service Manual

Dimensions: Length (Overall): 28 feet

Width (Overall): 8 feet

Height: 9 feet 7 inches plus 1 foot for roof air conditioners

Wheel Base: 178 inches

Interior head room: 6 feet 6 inches, 7 feet in driver’s compartment

Dry Weight: 11,500 pounds

Gross Vehicle Weight: 14,000 pounds

Front Axle Capacity: 5000 pounds

Rear Axle Capacity: 10,000 pounds


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