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So far I have been able to buy most of the stuff I needed from my local NAPA. I would try there first if you have a good one located close buy. If you come up fruitelss there. I would try Alretta Truck Parts. They seem to have a LOT of items that just plain will not be found anywhere else:


White Post Restorations in NC? can rebuild your old wheel and cylinders, and not as expensive as you may think. They install a brass sleeve which means the cylinder is good for the rest of the life of the coach! I think they reline brake shoes there also as well:


You might also want to check in with Bob Sweeting at Power Brake services in Long Beach, CA: or 562-436-4111. Seems like a knowledgeable fella if you want to rebuild or upgrade your braking system.


If you don’t have the Dodge Motor Home Chassis Parts Catalog, you can get one on CD from They have pictorials and some exploded views of all of the chassis parts, along with the original Mopar 7 digit part numbers. No OEM numbers unfortunately. This is always a help in explaining what you need - since you are buying parts for a vehicle that is usually not listed in the database for typical passenger car auto parts stores - being a 1 ton or heavier chassis and antique too. I have had luck locally at places which supply commercial vehicles and delivery trucks. They typically are located in the commercial/industrial parks near metropolitan areas. I got my first leads by asking a Truck Stop where they got their parts.


I was able to find most of the parts I needed to do the brakes on my rig at a large NAPA distribution center. You will need to find an old parts man that knows how to use a paper parts catalog though. There are a few Dodge dealers that can order parts for these too. Again you will need a part number or find an old pro that will take the time to use a old parts catalog. Truck brake shops can still get rebuild kits or rebuilt hydrovacs but they are starting to get pretty expensive.


I have some important information for owners of vintage Dodge chassis motorhomes. If you have owners looking for brake rotors, calipers, drums and other parts, they are all available from Auto Specialty through their retail outlets. Kelsy Hayes acquired Auto Specialty and gave them all the original molds. Auto Specialty will continue to make castings so the parts will not dry up. Auto Specialty will provide you with the number of your nearest retailer by calling 310-513-2060. Auto Specialty's tech department can give you the part number you need so when you contact your retailer, you will have it to give to them. As an example:


M500 5 bolt rotors #AR8710

M400 6 bolt rotors #AR8712

M600 8 bolt rotors #AR8711

All list around $225 each NEW!!

M300 rotors #AR8703 list around $80 NEW!!


M600 Rear Wheel Cylinder #F28661 Wagner

M500 Rear Wheel Cylinder #F86549 Wagner




I find in my area the Chrysler dealer in Owego NY is very helpful and all their dealers have a computer that will locate anything that is available in the U.S. I had brake problem last month and NAPA came up with a caliper and pads but no rubber hose and Chrysler located the right one in Detroit. Also Mitchels in Columbus Ohio often has older Mopar parts.

The booster can be purchased from a rebuilder in Cleveland OH,  for $175.00 exchange.


The vacuum brake booster can be purchased from Power Brake and Machine in Evansville, Indiana, 1-800-760-3109-These guys are the original supplier for this unit.


ATP Brake Division

ATP Automotive WHSE

207 A Street

Boston, MA 02210



BigJohn booster-Vacuum booster assisted brake mechanical,  FUTURE-CROSS REFERENCE THIS TYPE OF HARDWARE IN A MODERN TRUCK JOURNAL. 


Electric vacuum pumps are also available from Master Power brakes, 110 Crosslake Park Rd., Morresville, NC 28117, 704-664-8866,, 888-356-7291


Valvoline Synthetic brake fluid part number 057 boiling point 502F, Exceeds DOT3& DOT4.

Most trade journals recommend the FORD truck fluid for it’s high boiling point.


Stainless steel brake lines-Classic Tube manufacturing, 80 Rotech Drive, Lancaster, NY 14086, 1-800-882-3711.


To flush out brake lines/master cylinder use a denatured alcohol that doesn’t attack the rubber seals.  If rusty liquid is encountered, you should replace the rear brake lines due to internal rust accumulation.


Rebuilt emergency brake assemblies- Try SMS Auto restorations, 1320 Route 9, Champlain, NY 12919,, 1-800-989-6660.  They should be able to rebuild yours.


Rear drums for your ???? CHASSIS ( BUDD #75747 ) are available from (MERIT TRUCK PARTS).They are in Chicago ILL, 1 800 621 4198, Ask for Don Rodridgez   PS: The drums are new and made in Canada.


Call Hartland engine 330-238-2242 in Medina Ohio.  Save your old cable for reference, prices are very reasonable.


All kinds of cables available from Catco, 651 636-4311. There are in a suburb of St. Paul MN.


Along the line of brake issues, I’ve found a wonderful web site to spec out Raybestos vehicle brake parts, all kinds of vehicles are listed, I know it works great for cars, they do have an extensive listing including the M300, M400, M500, and M600 Dodge Truck chassis combinations.

Alretta Brake Parts

Dodge Chassis Rotors

Brake rotors for the class A Dodges are no longer supported by the
larger, traditional aftermarket, so I have had to pursue custom
manufacturing in small lots, which naturally results in higher price
structures than most of you are used to or expecting.

Then there is an important service issue: these parts are considered
semi-finished by Chrysler, which means that when you re-attach them to
the old hub you need to rebalance the assembly. This is the result of
a poor decision Chrysler made when engineering the specs. They decided
not to individually balance the hub or the rotor, rather they asked K-
H to balanced the assembly. That means only that unique pairing got
balanced; the first replacement requires you to rework the balance all
over again. A penny wise but pound foolish decision. Initially
Chrysler did not set out to offer only the rotors for replacement
parts. Only later did this decision come about, too late to reverse
course on the OE build out.

There is a discrete process to follow that a typical machine shop
knows nothing about - you need to inform them to prevent further
wasteful turning of the rotor. I help with this by describing the
process to follow.

I carry all parts for these trucks that can be made available today.
The three class A rotors run between $295 and $345 each. (Chrysler's
last list price was $450).

Please get in touch with me directly to discuss needs and to purchase.
There is always my knowledgeable hand in every transaction.



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BREMBO BRAKE has new rotors for much less $$$ like $60.00 each Doge part #3638561 = Brembo part #27091
MOPAR TRUCKS PARTS mopartrucksparts. com has new and used rotors