Long Lasting Dodges

1976 Travco 320
Sold and is now in Georgia.

This 1976 Travco 320 belongs to me.  I purchased it for $17,500 in 2007.  I bought it to full-time in and it was great.  The only problems it has are the generator needs work and the carburetor needs adjusted.   I no longer have any use for it.  There is nothing worse for a Motorhome than to set.  Mother Nature is not good to them.  I start it and drive it about once a month, but I have not used in in almost two years.  I will take $6500.00.


That picture was taken on my way south in 2010.  My renter moved out a few months after that and I had to bring her home.  The drive train still has less than 20,000 miles on it.  Contact me at  You can look at the Freebird pages and see all of the upgrades and repairs that I have made to this nice Travco.

Below are the Sad pictures of letting her go to the new owners.  I waited a long time before posting these because She was a Great Motorhome.  Currently, my new life style does not allow me to use her enough.  The new owners have great plans for her.  The following pictures show The Freedom Bird leaving her old home.  I will miss her.




They are leaving for Georgia Now.

The Freedombird is out of my life now.  I feel good because she is in good hands.  The worst thing that can happen to an older Motorhome is to set.  Mother Nature is not kind to unused Motorhomes.  My 1976 320 was saved by this wonderful family from Georgia.  Thank you.

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