Long Lasting Dodges

PRF Industries
This information was printed on the back of the Travco 960 series Motor Home Floor Plan Guide.
It is the most information that I have found on PRF Industries so far.
This pamphlet was published in 1974 .

"In 1960, we started a business dedicated to luxury living on the road.  Today, twelve years after the introduction of our first original model, we continue to lead a nearly two billion dollar industry.

The Travco/Dodge Motor Home first of them all, and its companion vechicles, remain the engineering and styling innovators, introducing new ideas to the motor home field.

The Industry has grown.  So has our business.  At PRF Industries we now have several divisions and a variety of recreational vehicle product lines.

After 160,000,000 owner-proven miles, we continue to set the standards for all others.
PRF Industries Inc. is headquartered in Mount Clemens, Michigan, and the parent company of Travco Corporation, (Brown City, Michigan), manufacturer of the Travco Motor Home and Travco Commercial Traveler;  Travco Family wagon (Warren, Michigan),  manufacturer of the Travco Family Wagon and Family Wagon Minihome;  Compact Equipment Company (Irwindale, California), Travco's Western Family Wagon Division; Sightseer Motorhome Corporation (Newark, Ohio), manufacturer of the Sightseer Motor Home;  Gemini Corporation (Mount Clemens, Michigan), manufacturer of Motor Home Interiors;  and Richmond Products Company (Richmond, Michigan), manufacturer of an extensive line of fiber glass products."

This explains why they had a landing strip on the property. 

PRF Industries
This pamphlet says that they started in 1960.  They also say 12 years ago.  That's 1962.   Which one is the true date 1960 or 1962?  I am going to  say that they are both  right.  The company was purchased by Peter R. Fink during that time frame.   It was still the same company with the name Travco added. 
1961 Prototype

1961 Prototype
Does that make this 1961 a Frank/PRF combined effort?
I think that he might have financed Frank in the beginning.

1962 Frank
This is a 1962 Frank.  The other design came out in 1963.  I believe that the red 1961 above is the prototype for the future Travco. 

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