Long Lasting Dodges
Long Lasting Dodges

Collector, Joe Garcia
Joe Garcia <>

Joe Garcia

The Dodge Beechwood Motorhome is in the center.  Joe emailed me the following message;


Hi James, I wanted to tell you i really enjoy this site for the great information. I have been working on this Beechwood for about 8 months now. It has come from a barely moving to now a good running vehicle. I have more than one as you can see all oldies. I have enjoyed working on these Motorhomes since I am a master mechanic gear head type. I thank you for this site and hope this photo is good enough for your site. If not (I have more). I would like my e mail to be with the photo in case someone is out there i can help. This site has helped me with this Motorhome

/s. Joe


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