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Shaggy Won,t Start

I went out the other day after the battery box repair and Shaggy would not start.  I checked for spark and there was none.  I tried again and it started.  The next day, I decided to try again.  Once again, no spark.  I started at the first place.  The ballast resistor.
Ballast Resiator
It was broken, but it still had the correct resistance.  I replaced it anyway. I played with the wires on the connector to the Ignition Module.  It pulled off.

 Bad Ignition Module
The nut plate was missing, just like  the last time I had the problem.  When I pushed hard on the connector, The engine would start.  if I let go, it lost contact. 

Holly's Junkyard

Ignition Module
I went to the local Scrapyard and got a connector from a disabled Dodge 440 Motorhome.  This picture shows that the connector from the old 440 will not go all the way back.

Ignition Module
The inner rubber here will not fit inside the module.  I trimmed the rubber away from the outside and it fit.

Ignition Module
Ignition Module
That is a tight fit.  What I found was that the inner piece of that connector had swelled through time and would not fit inside the connector on the module.

Ignition Module

Just out of curiosity,  When I went to Napa to get a replacement Ignition Module, I had them check for a connector.  Napa Stocks them.  They had to order mine.  It took two days.  They are pricey.  I paid $58.00 for the connector.  The Part Number is TPC51.  The five pin Ignition Module is TP50SB.  It cost $27.00.  Shaggy starts every time now.

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